My research on my mother's family is concentrated on the ancestors of Edward Franklin ELLISON (1873-1967) who married Ina Della "Anna" WORKMAN (1879-1929) who were both from Fayette County, Illinois and ancestors of Clarence Delbert WILSON (1877-1935) who married Edith SLEASTER (1877-1974).

The ELLISON and associated families lived in the towns of Sefton, Brownstown and Vandalia in Fayette County, Illinois. I hope to take a trip to learn more about them in the near future, since we have good friends who live near there.

Most of the information I have on the WORKMAN family was found in the Workman Family History, available at the WorkmanFamily website. The WOERTMAN family initially immigrated to the United States to Breukelen, New Netherland, which we now know as Brooklyn, New York.

The information I have on my WILSON family is exclusively due to the tireless efforts of my cousin MaryLee Thompson Saban, who maintains her work on the Genealogy Along the Rockies website.

Here is a list of my mother's 3rd great-grandparents. These ancestors would be shared with people who match, DNA-wise, to Karen McMullen at a 4th cousin level. According to ISOGG, a 4th cousin match would share around .195% of his/her DNA, or 13.28 centiMorgans total with my mother. Matches in RED are supported through DNA matches to cousins sharing those individuals or ancestors of those individuals in their family trees. Individuals with an X before their names contributed to Karen's X Chromosome and should be considered when investigating connections through the X Chromosome.


Abner ELLISON or ALLISON (1805-1860) b Maryland, d Fayette County, Illinois

Hester Netta SPANGLER (1814-1860) b Ohio

John TURNER (1817-1889) b Ireland, d Fayette County, Illinois

Martha Unknown (1820-1870) b Ireland, d Sefton, Fayette, Illinois

Amos WORKMAN (1825-1860) b Ohio, d Monroe County, Ohio

X Mary BURGESS (1827-1877) b Ohio

X Claus WILLMS (1815-1898) b Hannover, Niedersachsen, Germany, d Sefton, Fayette, Illinois

X Miranda Haley Unknown (1824-1870) b Illinois, d Vandalia, Fayette, Illinois

James Wilson (1829-?) b Ohio

Mary FICKEL (1832-1898) b Perry, Ohio, d Tabor, Mills, Ohio

X Sullivan ECKERT (1821-1888) b Fairfield, Ohio, d Mentone, Kosciusko, Indiana

X Rachael MCFALL (1823-1886) b Wooster, Wayne, Ohio, d Kosciusko, Indiana

X David SLEASTER or SLECHTER (1799-1871) b Pennsylvania, d Indiana

X Elizabeth Unknown (1789-1879) b Pennsylvania

X Samuel BODLE or BODELL (1784-?) b Ireland

X Elizabeth KEITH or KEATH (1798) b Virginia, d Auglaize, Allen, Ohio



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