Erick's maternal ancestors more recently hailed from Kansas; specifically, his maternal grandfather's family came from Norton, Kansas, and his maternal grandmother's family came from the area around Woodston, Kansas where they had homesteaded in Rooks County.

Our TRUMBO family consists of the ancestors of Mathias Fay TRUMBO (1888-1953) who married Beulah GALEY (1902-1990), and Myron A STILL (1898-1967) who married Vivian BONEBRAKE (1895-1927).

Much of this research was done well before I began working on our family's genealogy and I would very much like to thank cousin Loretta Mock for sharing her information on the TRUMBO and GALEY families, and cousins Gina Bonebrake and Emmy Keller for sharing their information on the Bonebrake families. A lot of the Bonebrake research can be found in the volumes written by cousins Marie Rizek Bonebrake and her husband Case Bonebrake, including Daniel Beinbrech: His ancestors and descendants, and Our Bonebrake Heritage: John Bonebrake Son of Dewalt Beinbrech/Bonebrake and and Christina Wolf Beinbrech/Bonebrake. I also would like to thank Erick's mother for lending us her copy of Ash Rock and the Stone Church: The History of a Kansas Rural Community written by Leo E. Oliva.

The following is a list of Erick's 3rd great-grandparents from his mother. These ancestors would be shared with people who match, DNA-wise, to Erick at a 4th cousin level. According to ISOGG, a 4th cousin match would share around .195% of his/her DNA, or 13.28 centiMorgans total with Erick. Matches in RED are supported through DNA matches to cousins sharing those individuals or ancestors of those individuals in their family trees. Individuals with an X before their names contributed to Erick's X Chromosome and should be considered when considering connections through the X Chromosome.


Mathias TRUMBO (1826-1897) b Ohio d Clark, Tama, Iowa

Martha HAYNES (1831-1923) b Licking, Licking, Ohio, d Clark, Tama, Iowa

John LEONARD (1814-1901) b New York d Iowa

Abigail Unknown (1831-1870) b New York, d Squaw, Warren, Iowa

James GALEY (1831-1909) b Missouri d Missouri

X Dorothy M TITUS (1825-1907) b Howard, Ray, Missouri d Walla Walla, Walla Walla, Washington

X Samuel RHODUS (1838-1910) b Madison, Kentucky d Mt Vernon, Kentucky

X Unity FIELDER (1848-1885) b Kentucky d Kentucky

Phillip Patrick STILL (1843-?) b Hatfield, Sussex, England

Elizabeth KNOWLES (1840-1905) b Wiston, Huntington, England, d Valley, Phillips, Kansas

X Andrew Jackson BROWN (1840-1916) b Illinois, d Kansas

X Julia A HOOTS (1843-?) b Illinois

George Franklin BONEBRAKE (1830-1899) b Germantown, Floyd, Indiana, d Woodston, Rooks, Kansas

X Syntha Ann BONEBRAKE (1834-1915) b Fountain City, Fountain, Indiana, d Woodston, Rooks, Kansas (first cousin once removed of husband George Franklin BONEBRAKE)

X Survetus J COCHRAN (1834-1908) b Ohio, d Randall, Morrison, Minnesota

X Susan BARNES (1824-1913) b Adair, Kentucky, d Plainville, Rooks, Kansas




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